Grab and Go Binder aka Important Document Binder

Grab and Go Binder aka Important Document Binder


This is no ordinary binder:

This Binder was created from love and knowledge of being a survivor. Because, I survived a Texas Tornado (4/3/12) I decided to help everyone create a super simple way to grab exactly what you need in any emergency.
The binder is a

  • durable plastic with

  • heavy duty premium sleeves

    & extra wide tabs for easy viewing.

    The supply choice is of an upgraded version to withstand most conditions to protect your documents.

You will receive a fully assembled Document Binder that you simply place your documents into.

This Binder gives you the ability to:

  • Grab the most important documents you would need in an emergency situation

  • Efficiently store your important family documents

  • A way to organize all the official documents you must keep in one place

  • Know what things to keep & what not to keep in here and why

  • Know why I recommend not using a normal vinyl & cardboard Black, White, or Navy Blue Binder.


12 Decluttering Tips - this will help get you started & find your documents.

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