I welcome the opportunity to consult with you regarding any flow issues or use of storage space you may have. Allow me to review the plans for your residential home design projects to ensure that the organizational flow & storage space works for the woman/person raising a family in the home.

The best time to think about these details would be during the planning & design phase. I’ll share ways to maximize your efficiency because I see things from a different perspective, for a multitude of reasons. This way you're sure to create storage spaces customized for your life, with room to grow.

I'm the best person to review renovation plans because I can see optimal storage space where the is none & I can also share ways to make storage space where there is none. Besides Ive had the luxury of rebuilding our home after an unexpected disaster.

  1. A Tornado destroyed our home in 2012 allowing me the opportunity to design our new home from the ground up.

  2. The difficult task of knowing what, where & how to start the rebuilding process can be stressful. I can assist you with making excellent storage decisions in every room.

  3. Communicating exactly what organizational features the home needs to have and why from an organizational standpoint will make your decisions more thought out and strategic.

  4. This will alleviate the need to have small remodeling projects to create storage spaces that work for those who run the day to day logistics of a home. Taking into consideration that the home will need to grow with the families that may dwell in the space for years to come.

I'd like to further elaborate on how to incorporate organizational planning into your New Build and or remodel. This brings an organizationally efficient side to your current plans & ideas. I can communicate with you, the Architect, or Contractor assuring you that your planned flow and storage will be optimal for your family which will be something you appreciate for many years to come.

As a task-oriented person, my skills lie in the areas of organizing:

  • Designing storage for Closets

  • Designing storage for Dressing Areas

  • Designing storage in Garages

  • Reviewing home remodels for better function

What can a Professional Organizer help you with?
I work with residential and small business clients to achieve a level of organization that saves you time, energy and money.

I will guide you through designing & or building an organized home with strategically planned storage.

If your serious about becoming more organized with your time, business and life then call me at 469-515-4701 or email: info@DallasOrganizer.com

Emergency Preparedness, Small Business Office Setup, Space Planning,  and Residential Organizational Evaluation.