Getting ready in the mornings has been so much easier thanks to Kym! My room was a mess with no where to store anything. I had a “grab, go, and pray it matches” system in place. Obviously, it was not working. Kym came in, gave everything a place, and helped me create a system that will help me stay organized through this hectic thing I call life. She is very professional and knowledgeable about her craft. Kym is amazing and so are her skills! Thank you!!!
— D. Carter , Texas

Kym is a ROCKSTAR! She has a wonderfully creative eye and fantastic attitude! Give her a call for your next event! You will not be disappointed!!!
— L. Laubert , Balloons Now

Kym is excellent at what she does, organizing. I would highly recommend her!
— A. Bowling MBA, Texas

Kymberli Calloway worked with me in 2012 for an organizing job in New York City. The job was to move a celebrity from one part of the city to another. This included the entire scope from packing, overseeing the move, unpacking, shopping, setting up the new systems and more. Overall, the job took 3 full days.

Kym was my main backbone for this job. She flew in from Dallas for this. Kym is a prompt, reliable woman who you can count on to be there when she says she will be and will give 100% to anything she does. She was there every step of the way.

Kym is an incredibly hard worker. When we were shopping at The Container Store for products for the client, it was great to have Kym there for her ideas. She is very clever in coming up with organized solutions. Now this client wasn’t just any client we were working with. The client is a major celebrity who is an Oscar-nominee and is famous worldwide. Of course, I want to publically brag about who this person is, but there is a strict code of confidentiality that I follow, and my employees follow it as well. We all would love to say who this person is and that we’ve worked with them, but we can’t. Kym was very respectful of this and never breached this confidentiality.

I love Kym’s personality. She is a vivacious, outgoing, go-getter who is definitely not a shrinking violet. You can count on her to do what she says and goes way above and beyond. She is dedicated, and a team player. It was beyond helpful to have Kym with me for this large job. She is supportive and overall has a great attitude. I would recommend Kym to other organizers to work for any jobs they need extra help with, and of course to anyone, in general, that needs to get organized to employ her personally to tackle your organizing needs. If you have Kym on a job, and if she says she will do something, I know it will be worth it. She’s amazing and I can’t wait to work with her again!
— J. Gross, New York

I enjoyed having Kymberli as an organizing consultant. She took one look and knew exactly what I needed. She is very organized and it took her no time to accomplish what I have not been able to accomplish, in forever. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together because Kymberli was so easy to like and talk to. I will recommend her to anyone in need of organizing services.
— C. Gaines, Texas

Kymberli is an extremely talented and naturally gifted organizer. She has a natural and creative ability to “see the big picture” and is a joy to work with. She is very detail-oriented and her work is as expedient as it is efficient. I highly recommend her services for your home or business.
— A. Thomas, Texas

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