Luxurious Shoe Storage

So I have this inspiration photo that warms my heart. I have received may comments about it on my Pinterest Page ( ) therefore I decided to go further into detail about it. It so awesome because:

  1. Uses the vertical wall space correctly

  2. Stores over 60 pairs of shoes

  3. It stores over 10 pairs of boots so efficiently

  4. Keeps all your foot wear in one place.

  5. Looks like artwork

Because of it’s size I know that this won’t work for everyone. But it really is great for those who have the space. Ive never seen a complete piece such as this that you can purchase in a store. But you can take multiple book like pieces and create your own.

Here is what I recommend to make this.

Multiple pieces of this:

Boot & Bootie storage-

Bootie or shoe storage-

Shoe Storage-

Or you can have a contractor build this for you. One very important tip is always create more storage than you think you actually need.

Now for those who don’t have this kind of space I always recommend something more practical like the following:

You can order your 25 cube shoe cubbies here:

If you need more shoe storage ideas visit my Pinterest Shoe storage board here: and be sure to follow me to keep in touch.