Pantry Organization

So I’m in the process of reorganizing my pantry so that it works better for my family & I this summer. The busiest time in our home is the summer cause the kids and I are home ALL DAY.

I work from home & our kids/teens are out of school for the next 90 days so the Pantry will get lots of traffic through it, so keeping it neat and orderly is sometimes challenging.

As long as I have systems in place it serves us well and is easily maintained.

Here are a few organizing catagories I recommend for most pantries.

  1. Can Good Organizer - or

  2. Dry Good Canisters -

  3. Breakfast Foods - or bulk cereal

  4. Bread -

  5. Snacks & On the go snacks -

  6. Holiday Fixings -

  7. Complete week night meals - -

  8. Paper Goods -

  9. Oils -

  10. Spices -

  11. Drinks ( water or other)

  12. Vegetables

  13. Guest treats ( if you have company over often) -

  14. Simple Meals I allow my kids to cook -

Now if you’d like to see the video of how I physically organize this space visit my IGTV channel 6/4/19.

Link coming soon…..

photo credit:

Kym Calloway