Inexpensive Bathroom Organization


Declutter First

You can’t enjoy an organized bathroom with a multitude of items you don't need. Start the bathroom organization process with decluttering. Look at your items and discard those you no longer need, used or almost empty. After your bathroom is organized be sure to maintain order, make decluttering a regular activity.

Challenge: Add "Purge bathroom products for 10 min" to your cell phone calendar as an all day appointment on the 1st of March, June, Sept, Dec. of the current year.

Keep the CounterTops Free

When you are getting ready in the morning or going to bed at night, you might find that there is little working space on the bathroom countertops. Take a moment to delutterandsput things away. Any important items that must be on the counters, should occupy only 1/3rd of space. This keeps everything in its place & gives you more room to get ready in the morning when it really matters most. The items can include toothbrushes and soaps.

Their may not be enough cabinet space or suitable space for certain items, so I recommend you use your cabinet doors to create storage. Organizers over the cabinet doors create storage space for items like styling products.

Use Hooks

Hooks are my personal favorites for bathroom organization. They help you keep a tidy bathroom after have decluttered the room. Sometimes after you have decluttered and redecorated, the bathroom will again become a mess. Wall hooks help you hang towels, clothes, and undergarments to ensure there’s nothing on the floor.

They are a perfect solution for maintaining an organized bathroom. You can find a variety of stylish hooks to achieve this.

Enforce rules

If you live with family or have children, the chances are your bathroom gets messy quickly. When there is an issue like this, simply reorganizing your cabinet won’t solve the problem. Enforce rules to keep an organized system. Show everyone where the towels and other items should be placed after use. Emphasize the importance of following the new system. To make things easier, use labels to show where things live.