Organizing Before Your Annual Conference

Learn what to do with all the marketing information you collect at conferences & networking events.

I took notice of a few things the other day while networking and I wanted to share those tips with you all. Even though it's a good idea to network all year long, the beginning of the year is "Go time" for conferences & the time that most business professionals heavily connect with new colleagues or possible clients. 

Do you have a preparation routine built for yourself before and after conferences & or networking events? Whether you do or don't, you may want to checkout the following to ensure you're prepared.

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It's simply good business to network & be social with others, but with that comes more informational clutter (stuff)

Understanding you will easily collect a ton of business cards, pamphlets & brochures. 

These tips were created as a guide to assist you in staying organized. So ... remember that when we bringing stuff into our spaces on a regular basis something also has to leave out of the same spaces.. 

It's also best practice to keep like things together. 

Example: Say if you have 20 scarves to store & once the storage area for scarves is full something has to go. Taking the ones that don't fit & stashing them in with your socks only gives you more work later. So make a decision , and keep your favorites & bless someone else with the extra. How much stuff you keep will be determined by the space. 

"Ever asked yourself what to do with all the stuff you collect at networking events"?

Therefore, I recommend you be proactive and create a solution to this problem immediately.